About me

Vanessa Ramirez Machado (Vane Ramz). I'm a Fine Artist born in Caracas, Venezuela. Outstanding in realistic illustration, abstract art and landscapes. However, I'm always testing new techniques that allow me to express my art in different ways. My palette can be defined by the brilliance of colors, subtle game of contrasts and gradients, I consider I have an impeccable use of light invited to carefully examine my works, the people always says this to me.

When you buy a work of art by an artist, you are buying a part of their soul, their time, their dream, their passion, you can have a part of their life and make it last over time. This is why I always effort to give the best of me.

Sometimes I'm afraid: How to start? 
I've wondered the same thing every time I see a page or a blank canvas. It is a feeling a little hard to explain, you have the ideas, images in your head, and you go over mentally every step you are going to give, but at the moment when you finally find yourself in front of the paper with pencil in hand or front of the canvas with a brush, always happen. How to start? It is a lightweight scary, you think a bad start could ruin everything, but at the same time want to throw away the magic that you're imagining. My answer will always be: Let yourself go and start.